Wednesday, May 25, 2016


18"x24" Mixed Media Collage on gallery wrap canvas. Painted papers, acrylic paints and inks. Structural paint, found objects.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Circles Box

Repurposed book storage box, appox. 8.5"x7".  Hand painted and gilded polymer clay tiles, with various mix media elements.


Repurposed box, appox. 10"x8". Polymer clay hand painted tiles, collage and assemblage elements.

Blues Box

Repurposed tin box, approx. 10"x8". Hand painted polymer clay tiles and decoupage elements.

Beach Box

Repurposed chipboard box, approx. 6.5"x6.'5" Hand painted polymer clay tiles, painted papers and glass stones.


Wooden polymer clay mosaic tile box, with mixed media elements. Approx. 7.5"x7.25"

Angel Cube

3.5" wooden cube embellished with polymer clay tiles, clay angel face, acrylic paint and ink.